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Our Philosophy & Commitment

What We Do Best

Using our QuickBooks Solutions and management training programs, owners will gain the knowledge, skills and training to manage day-to-day and financial operations efficiently and effectively.

With focus on QuickBooks training, bookkeeping services, financial and management consulting, our team will help you identify organizational structure and strategies for optimal, long-term growth and success.

“Know your Business, to Grow your Business”

Angela R Fassitt, MBA
Angela R Fassitt, MBAOwner

Focus on, Building Your Business

Whether a business sell goods or services, managing operations and keeping up with income and expenses of all moving parts can be very challenging, and if done incorrectly, can result in high tax liabilities, incorrect books or trouble with Uncle Sam! The Solution? We help you to Identify & Outsource tasks that someone else can do better, so you can focus on growing the business (ask about our QuickBooks Solutions and monthly bookkeeping services!).

“Stop Solopreneur Burnout”