Lets Get Things Cleaned up

Did your Quickbooks Review come back with a few issues?  

Now that you got your Quickbooks Review summary back it’s time to address these issues and get everything back on track. A Quickbooks cleanup can be a simple task or a very in depth repair. Either way we have you covered. Without the proper Quickbooks Training it’s very simple for new users to put transactions in the wrong category or even miss classify expenses and purchases that can easily misrepresent what the company is actually doing overall.

One important thing to remember is that even though Quickbooks Online is extremely user friendly and a great asset for running a company, the average person isn’t experienced with accounting. So always consult with an experienced accountant before taking things into your own hand. Nine times out of ten it is cheaper to work with a Quickbooks Pro in the beginning and get the proper training required than to frustrate yourself trying to figure things out on your own.